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The principle of oiling and waxing


- result in "chemical surfaces"

By painting, a protective layer is built up on the wooden surface, which protects the surface from water and other agents. The wood is so to say wrapped in liquid plastic and can therefore no longer breathe.


The principle of oiling is to completely soak the upper wood fiber with oil. Therefore, the first oil application must be applied with a lot of product. Locations that have quickly dried must be re-oiled "wet". If 80 - 90% of the oil has been absorbed into the wood within 15 minutes, the excess oil must be wet-ground with an eccentric sander, with a protective pad. Immediately afterwards, the surface must be wiped completely dry with a cotton cloth.

The oil must harden in the wood fiber through the absorption of atmospheric oxygen in order to fix completely. Therefore, you have to wait at least overnight, with good ventilation, until you put another oil layer. Only when the wood is completely saturated with oil, it forms a water-repellent, stable foundation for subsequent treatments.


Wax compresses / closes the surface, gives it a pleasant silky sheen and an incomparably pleasant, warm feeling. The oiled - waxed wood surface remains breathable and therefore contributes to a pleasant, healthy indoor climate. It is antistatic, easy to clean and can be repaired at any time.

Cleaning and care:

Maintains the naturalness and durability of the surface and is easy to accomplish. Please note the corresponding cleaning and maintenance instructions and also pass them on to your customers. Only oils and waxes based on natural raw materials result in natural surfaces.

This information sheet has an advisory function and is based on careful investigations based on the current state of the art. All information on the suitability, processing and application of our products, technical advice and other information is given to the best of our knowledge, but does not free all customers and users from their own tests and trials.

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