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  • Logs / Round Logs
    for peeling, slicing and sawing, for veneers and various sawmill products

  • Lumber / Boules / Boards / Planks
    for carpentry/joining, for cabinet making, stairs, ship building, parquet, garden building, window and door building, architectural, design, masterpieces, interior fittings, stand construction

  • Tonewood / Musical Timbers
    for musical instrument building, for woodwinds instruments, percussion, stringed instruments, pianos, E-Guitars, acoustic guitars and others

  • Turning wood and more
    for wood turners, designers of handicrafts, wood jewelry, furniture, knife makers, knife and
    bow makers, for hobbyist and professionals

  • Decorative fruits
    fruit stalls, nuts and seeds, twigs

  • Table tops
    burl, massive boards, tree slice from tree giant
    We offer special single pieces but also series from different wood species, all of them with the edges untrimmed. We only deliver rough table tops like after sewing

Timber Import and Export
The trade, storage and production of sawmill products for industry, craftsman, wholesale and retail trade is our daily business. We supply to local and international markets as well and supply from Hamburg depot or from country of origin directly.

We offer fast supply from our timber stock of more than 130 wood species for various purposes. The professional evaluation of each timber is our vital principal. We try to maximize the yield of each raw material to minimize the loss. Therefore you can order the lumber dimension you just need. You will find all the stuff, which we can saw out of a tree.

Excellent timber experts and a worldwide network of producers guarantee various possibilities of supply.


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